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Who is Garmatex?

An inventor of intelligent fabric technologies.

Garmatex Technologies Inc. is an innovative developer and supplier of scientifically-engineered fabric technologies. Our mission is to provide new fabric and design solutions for the everyday problems of the growing global consumer market.

Garmatex’s performance technologies and fabrics – including our patented T3® design, Bact-Out®, CoolSkin®, WarmSkin®, Kottinu™, ColdSkin™, SteelSkin™, Satinu™, CamoSkin™, RecoverySkin™, SlimSkin™, AbsorbSkin™ and IceSkin™. Each has proven to be superior to any like products available in the market for comfort, fit and performance.

Garmatex’s technologically advanced fabrics optimize user performance and are used in all apparel and textile categories including activewear, fashion and industrial applications.

Garmatex is dedicated to a future that continues to provide a new generation of fabric technologies that deliver performance standards that exceed those offered in the market today.