Garmatex and 2UNDR: A Love Story

Posted by | March 16, 2015

It’s an unlikely story of the perfect marriage. Introduced to Garmatex by retired NHL All Star Ray Ferraro over a game of golf, 2UNDR VP Jeff Williams was immediately intrigued. With a name like ColdSkin  and the use of natural jade minerals, 2UNDR felt a connection to our technical fabric. ColdSkin’s high performance cooling and moisture wicking was love at first sight for 2UNDR’s VP Creative Rocky Harris, “The unique and special formula concocted by Doug ‘the mad scientist’ combined with the creative name gives this fabric the edge.”

With features like the Joey Pouch and three lifestyle versions, the 2UNDR underwear brand has many high profile fans. Toronto Blue Jays star pitcher and 2012 AL Cy Young award winner R.A. Dickey stumbled upon 2UNDR and has become one of their best brand ambassadors. As Dickey says, “I can’t say enough about my 2UNDR briefs! Not only are they incredibly comfortable and breathable, but they have also proven to be a fantastic piece of performance wear. I am currently wearing the 2UNDR Gear Shift under my uniform and loving it!”

Professional Golfer Isaac “Sasquatch” Sanchez also swears by them. “The Joey Pouch is the only way to roll for your most prized possessions. Goodbye boxers, designer underwear; only 2UNDR for Sasquatch.”

We’re looking forward to a long and happy marriage with 2UNDR—because cooling fabrics and performance undergarments make for the best marriages.

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