Garmatex Launches Prime4orm Kickstarter Campaign

Posted by | February 20, 2015
Prime4orm Kickstarter

Do you have bad posture? Maybe you hunch your shoulders, spend too much time texting (no judgments here) or lean in to your computer screen like it holds the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything. Do you feel like bad form is just one of those annoying things you have to live with—like someone else’s dirty socks on the floor?

Next week we’re launching a Kickstarter campaign for Prime4orm™. Prime4orm™ is a shirt that uses gentle tensions to re-engineer your form. Designed by Mike Lara, it is produced with a number of Garmatex technologies including AbsorbSkin™, IceSkin™, T3® , RecoverySkin™ and Bact-Out®. We believe that if you can change your form you can truly change your life. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, tension headaches, pregnancy-related back problems or just want to stand taller and feel more confident and elegant—Prime4orm™ can help. Just put the shirt on under your clothes and the highly-technical design will align your form the way Mother Nature intended.

So why Kickstarter? We think their approach aligns with the way we like to do business. Garmatex CEO Martin Doane explains, “We’re prepared to engage with people to improve the product to get what they’re looking for because we really believe this is a solution for daily living.” We want to get this shirt on as many people as we can, to help as many people as possible. We’ve done the research, development, testing; as Creative Director Luvlina says, “We’ve been through the trenches. We’ve done all the hard work. Now with your help, we can help everybody find their form.”

So how do you get involved? Our Kickstarter campaign launches Tuesday, February 24. First supporters benefit best with discounts and perks like early bird $75 Prime4orm shirts, IceSkin™ cooling towels and Kottinu™ t-shirts. Big backers can also get one-on-one experiences with top athletes like Anaheim Duck star forward, Ryan Kesler and TV star of the “Big Break” Isaac “Sasquatch” Sanchez.

We may not be able to pick your partner’s socks up off the floor, but we can definitely improve your form to get you looking and feeling your best.

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