Get Kickstarted

Posted by | March 31, 2015

30 days. 291 backers. $63,769 raised. 106% funded. We lived and breathed Kickstarter for more than a month, but it was worth it.

Like many Kickstarter campaigns, Prime4orm started out strong. We raised 30% in the first 3 days and were confident we were heading for the moon. But also, like many Kickstarter campaigns, we plateaued in the middle. So we took to the digital streets. We hopped on Twitter to engage with our supporters, we got the word out on Facebook and we shared our progress on Instagram. And of course we sent regular updates to our backers.

One of the best things about Kickstarter that we didn’t fully anticipate was the community. We were approached by several great campaigns to spread the word about each other’s successes and we received a lot of traffic through Kickstarter Discover. The built-in community is a great selling point of starting a project on Kickstarter and something that makes the experience so enjoyable. As the Harvard Business Review argues, the Kickstarter mentality—creative crowd-sourced entrepreneurship—is a great way to foster innovation—whether you’re part of a big organization or not. With our focus on innovation, Kickstarter was the perfect fit for Garmatex to launch Prime4orm and to have the community participate as early adopters and brand ambassadors. Not everyone is going to be the next Exploding Kittens, but the space leaves room for dreaming big and having people be a part of the process.

Our goal with the Prime4orm Kickstarter was to get the shirts into the hands of regular people who could really use them. Now we’re excited to get those orders off to production and send Prime4orm around the world.

In the end, would we use Kickstarter again? Our answer: a resounding yes.

Have you ever used Kickstarter for a work or personal project? Would you do it again? Sound off in the comments or tag us on social @prime4orm #prime4orm.