IceSkin: The Next Generation

Posted by | April 29, 2015

Think you know what it means to keep your cool? Think again. We’re excited to be launching IceSkin Gear. This collection of cooling towels and accessories comes in a variety of sport themes: Tennis, Yoga, Golf, Run and Surf. Our five products—beach towels, neck towels, hand towels, Ice Bands and Cool Heads—are made with IceSkin technology. This moisture-activated fabric uses jade (yes, the jewel) to accelerate the cooling process. When the towel gets wet and air moves through it the jade cools the towel up to 30 degrees below average body temperature. The fabric stays cool for as long as it is wet. Soft, lightweight and washable—the jade is woven into the fabric so the cooling effect won’t ever wash out.

The cooling towel market is so new that with the amazing technology behind IceSkin and the variety of prints and customization offered, we’re taking the category to a whole new level. You can get IceSkin Gear in sport-specific prints or customize them for promotional pieces for races and events. You can even print them with your logo or personalize the gear with custom artwork.

There is no limit to where IceSkin Gear can be used; the towels and headgear will keep you cool wherever you are and whatever you do. Stay tuned for a list of retailers on the IceSkin website this summer.

Where would you use your IceSkin Gear?