A Holistic Approach: Garmatex Heads to the WCPT Congress

Posted by | April 21, 2015

Poor posture, neck and back pain, tension aches and alignment issues—physical therapists address these problems every day for their patients. So does Prime4orm. That’s why we’re heading to the World Confederation for Physical Therapists Congress from May 1 – 4. This conference hosts the world’s leading physical therapists and the discipline’s thought leaders. In partnership with All Screens Media, Garmatex will introduce Prime4orm to those who can get it into the hands of people who really need it.

All Screens Media specializes in education and products in the health and wellness market. Working with many physical therapists, ASM saw that this would be a great forum for Garmatex to launch Prime4orm into the physical therapy world. All Screens Media’s exercise systems will work in harmony with Prime4orm to improve patients’ form, muscle alignment and overall sense of wellbeing. Our VP of Design and Development, Luvlina is attending the show together with ASM’s Executive Vice President, Dr. Howard Sichel, a renowned NYC-based chiropractor and exercise system entrepreneur.

The WCPT show will be an interesting and important test case for Garmatex as a method of going to market with our cutting-edge products in a highly targeted manner in combination with a marketing partner. From Prime4orm to IceSkin towels and accessories, there are so many Garmatex products that could be introduced to specific markets this way and we’re excited for this approach. So let us know, would you use Prime4orm as part of a holistic physical therapy approach?