Performance technologies
that solve for everything.

Problems. We love them. They give our in-house research
and development team a chance to show off a little.
With our fabric and design innovations that set new standards
of performance, we’ve yet to find a problem we couldn’t solve beautifully.

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We’ve solved for sweat with a three step evaporation process that regulates body temperature.
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Proprietary antimicrobial technology kills 99.9% of bacteria even
after 50 washes.
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Our patented triple-gusset design provides complete freedom
of movement.
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Garmatex is dedicated to providing innovative fabric technologies that
solve for a broad range of applications around the globe and deliver
performance standards that exceed all other offerings.

Our in-house R&D team constantly creates new solutions
for a myriad of problems in a growing global market. We use our technologies to
optimize wearer performance and our combination of fabric content and garment
design simply cannot be duplicated by other manufactures.

Through an intense process of mixing and matching hundreds of microfiber filaments,
experimenting with various knitting techniques, analyzing color fasting and
antibacterial processes, we engineer fabric solutions that that provide Garmatex
with a unique product mix of performance fabrics. Our third party verified
solutions deliver a number of performance features including water
repellence, moisture wicking and control, wind resistance and heat control.

Don’t take our word for it. See what the pros think:

"I love my T3® shirts. As Quarterback, I need gear that is comfortable and allows me to throw and move without resistance. The T3® shirts are perfect for the movement required in sports and athletic training. Truly an awesome product!"

− Travis Lulay, Professional Quarterback

"When they first gave me the T3® to try, I told them I don't like tight fitting stuff, so I won't like it. But after one practice I got off the ice and asked them for 6! Now, it's the ONLY shirt I'll wear under my hockey gear."

− Ryan Kesler, Professional Hockey Player

"After field testing shirts made with Kottinu™ the troops no longer want to wear their army issued cotton shirts, they want Kottinu™!"

− Major M. from Regimental Headquarters

"After 30 years of ocean racing in the confines of a yacht, ODOR has always been a problem. I was skeptical about another product claiming it could deal with the SMELL, however, after serious testing, I am now an absolute devotee of your product. It worked amazingly!"

− Alan Keith Mather: Skipper of Ice Fire, Competitive international sailing team