Television Illusions: Garmatex Makes it to the Not-as-Big Screen

By | February 17, 2015

Have you ever watched TV and wished your life were more like that? Maybe you imagine yourself strolling the streets of NYC with your own personal soundtrack. Or you envision yourself driving a car without having to look—or worry about pesky details like accurate steering. Things always seem so much better on TV.

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OR Show Recap: Taking on the Next Generation of Outdoor Gear

By | February 06, 2015
Booth Designs at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market

It’s an outdoor lover’s dream: big brands, gutsy start-ups and everything in between all doing new, inventive and just downright cool stuff in the outdoor industry. The Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah was an amazing opportunity for us to connect with these players and have a little fun

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PGA Show Recap: Find Your Form and Keep Your Cool

By | February 05, 2015

It’s PGA Show week. You’re hoping to catch a little sunshine, discover new products and rub shoulders with golf’s elite. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend a couple days chatting about golf and calling it work.

But for those who suffer from old sports injuries, form problems, and back pain, the show offered more than something that would just improve their next round on the course. Prime4orm™ designer Mike Lara was excited to meet a number of people who fulfilled the core goal of Prime4orm™: “for us it’s all about helping people.”

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The Convenience of Comfort

By | January 09, 2015
demand for yoga pants has surpassed jeans

We’ve all done it: you’re lounging around the house in your yoga pants—although you’re not even sure you know how to do the downward dog—when you remember you forgot to run to the grocery store. You glance at your closet, briefly consider changing and then decide against it. You pull on your shoes, grab your bag and head out the door.

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Past, Presents and Future

By | December 31, 2014
environmental impact of your christmas t-shirt

The box is precisely-wrapped in green and white striped paper and topped with an elaborate bow. Enthusiastically tearing through the wrapping, you catch a glimpse of soft fabric. You pull the shirt out and flash a smile at the astute friend who took your subtle cues. Grinning, you’re already imagining it fitting right into your closet. You put thought into how the shirt was made, but what impact does it have on the environment after it gets to you? Read More

Dirty Laundry

By | December 22, 2014
Cotton vs. Kottinu - a superior synthetic material

You stand and watch the clothes tumble over each other and listen to the rhythmic clink of a zipper hitting the metal drum. It’s been 41 minutes and you’re still waiting for that shirt to dry. It’s comfortable and soft but what if it could dry in 10 minutes? Read More

A Good Night’s Sleep

By | December 12, 2014
Doug Thom

It’s 3:57 AM. He opens his eyes as the fragments of thought come together and an idea forms. He reaches over to his side table for the pen and notebook he keeps there. He records the idea, transferring the visualization to paper. He closes the book, turns over, closes his eyes and goes back to sleep. Read More

Why Blog About Fabric?

By | November 28, 2014
Online Fabric Resource for the Fashion Industry

It’s an over-saturated world. Facebook won’t stop showing you photos of cats and Twitter keeps telling you how you can improve your productivity in 3 simple steps—and browsing your Twitter feed isn’t one of them. In this media mess why add to the noise with another blog? Well we’re going to answer these critical questions: Who are we? Why are we blogging? Most importantly, why should you care? Read More